Thursday, December 23, 2010

Indoor training #2

I rocked out to watching Beyonce, on Much More Music; she's sexy in concert and nothing but a good time. So I spun on the trainer, BTW the trainer that I am using is the Kinetic Pro fluid trainer and I'm riding my Trek TT in aero 80% of the time. I find that the aero position flattens and strengthens my back. Plus forces me to stabilize my hips through the pedal stroke.
I drank a total of a liter of water before during and after the workout.
The idea is to continue to strength and stretch. Also to get the fast twitch muscles firing. High cadence is important right now. Higher the cadence the better. Plus boggieing with Beyonce needs at least 95 RPM.

Workout: 30 minutes 39x15 95 cadence: 500ml of water: 2 sets 30 pushups: 2 sets 50 forward crunches on a ball: 2 sets of 15 left and right side crunches.
Feeling warm now time to cool down

Off the bike stuff is really important is the intersity on the bike ramps up over the next month.

I know that Christmas is a few days aay and everyone is busy but making time for your health, important for your heart. lungs and mind. Don't worry if you miss a few workouts over the next couple of days determination and perservance are the keys to this success.

Have a great evening

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