Thursday, September 16, 2010

Crank the Shield 2010... here goes nothing

Well after an epic weekend in Montreal I'm packing my bags yet again. This time it's for three days of suffering in Haliburton forest. With record rainfall up North this summer I'm looking forward to a wet slog through all the mud that the Shield has to throw at me. Over the course of three days I will be plugging away through 235km of rugged Canadian Shield wilderness and eating ridiculous amounts of food. As with any big cycling trip I'm in the middle my favourite pre race ritual of laying out my gear on the floor and taking inventory to make sure I have everything and think about last minute additions. I'm still missing a few key pieces (ie: 3rd pair of shoes and some advil) but I feel I'm pretty much there. This process always helps to calm the jitters before a big event and eliminate the thoughts of things you may have forgot on the drive out.

I'm heading up tonight and we start tomorrow morning somewhat early. Check out the site Crank the Shield they normally have stats updated though-out the race for those that like to follow the field, just don't expect anything great from this cat. I'll post up a short recap on Monday.

my gear pile so far

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JP said...

Another EPIC weekend for you. this one will offer you the suffering that you're looking for. Have a great time and come back in one piece.
Rubber side down