Thursday, November 13, 2008

What is mountain biking

What a big question, when I think of Mountain Biking I think of everything from my first race when I was 14, 24 hour events and that last night ride after a few to many beers. There is one common goal of riding a mountain bike, having fun. Everyone’s definition of fun on a bike varies, while most racers will relish in tearing the legs off of their competitors most of us normal folk just like having a good story to tell. It’s the stories and places that a mountain bike can take you that make it all so enjoyable; crashing, cleaning that technical rock garden or finally conquering that climb that has haunted you for years. It doesn’t matter if you’re the fastest or even the most technically skilled, once you’re out there, away from civilization, covered in mud you are truly free. Mountain biking will always be my first true love, it’s one of those things that defines me. Every one should be so lucky.

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