Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fall... Don't throw in the towel.

It's that time of the year again, that time that people dread. If faced with single digit temps and rain your average cyclist would mount up the trainer or take a day off to watch some football in a vain attempt at normality. This is why i like not being average, when i see horrible conditions and frigid temps i see a challenge. It's this challenge that makes cyclocross so damn appealing to me, many people scoff at the discipline an call it a throw back or plain stupid. I have to agree with the stupidity part, the idea of riding a road bike through the mud in the freezing cold wearing next to nothing and being forced to run over stupid barriers is quite dumb when you think about it. It's the stupidity that's the beauty of it, the harder the course and worse the conditions the better the race is. Cyclocross is a way of wringing every last bit of of the cycling season and getting that ass kicking that you didn't get by racing road or mountain in the summer. The season is past the halfway point and i don't even feel like I'm getting started. Bring on the mud!!!

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Il Doctore said...

It looks like you are having fun. Keep on riding, your smiles show your happiness. But watch out for flying mud it doesn't always taste great.