Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Indoor Training

Sunday can be a perfect day for a longer workout. I choose this day over Saturday, becasue you will find me at the store all day Saturday; that's guarnteed. I decided that steady state intervals are the next step to fitness and there's no better than Spineverals #22 for that. The workout consisted of a build in power output.

5 minutes small ring x15
3 minutes small ring x15 standing up for 10 seconds in 30 second
Getting into the workout
20 minutes 95 rpm big ring X? chose the gear than will allow you to trun the gear sustain for 15 minutes. This is a long workout pace yourself.
5 minute light spin-be sure to drink
15 minutes 90 rpm big ring x ? - a little hard gear.
5 minute light spin-use the break it's not over
10 minutes 85 rpm big x ? - stay focus this is the hardest set (at least for me)
5 minute light spin
5 minute 80 rpm big ring x ?- this is going to hurt, but there's a great feeling of satisfaction in this kind of burn, enjoy the burn.
10 minute light spin.

Now the CD is over but that's not the end to our workout. We need another 30 minutes of small ring x 15 spin the pedals at 90 rpm. This part of the workout is important. It keeps heart rate under threshold but you're still incredibly active. Burn some calories and continue to hard the muscles and mind.

End this workout with a light spin and really try to cool your engine. This is a tough workout. We will repeat this workout next Sunday. Let me know how this workout felt for you. I'm looking forward to your comments.

The secret to going fast is not slowing down.

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