Sunday, January 9, 2011

Indoor Training

I fell out of commitment to the bike last week, so I need to add some spinning time. Today was the day. I decided that we are building aerobic systems right now so a 2 hour trainer session was in order. I pick a soccer game to watch, Napoli vs Juventus was on TLN at 2:30 and rode the entire match and commercials. 2 hours of spinning 90 rpm 39x15. I have to say that after the first hour I forgot how it was supposed to feel. My sugars were dropping so I decided to refill my bottle and grab a banana. That definitely hit the spot. I spun the last 30 minutes absolutley committed. It's not the biggest puddle of sweat under my trainer but it's better than any other training session so far.
Training aerobically was great but it hit me later. My mother invited me to dinner and she cooked an italian meal that just never ended. I ate everything and asked for more. But 30minutes after dinner was over I hit the couch and passed out. I can't believe it and I slept on the sofa that no one is allowed to sit on. My mom laughed and ridiculed me and I absolutely deserved it. She's the best. Thanks mom for a great dinner I needed that.

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