Thursday, June 3, 2010

Charlie's Racing updates

Hello Everyone,

Well - as many of you already know, we 3 week stint on the road began last weekend at the Killington Stage Race. The race went very well - despite battling what I thought were just merely allergies. I ended placing 6th overall - which was not terrible given the hilly parcours.

Following Killington I really began to notice some extreme congestion and I began coughing a lot. I felt okay - but I did not sleep for two nights. I met up with the National Team and made the journey to Sagueney, QB for the 4 stage Nations Cup. In an attempt to stay as positive as possible, I kept telling myself my troubles were just allergies. It was yeaterday, that I began to feel sore and stiff. I went to the race doctor who informed me that it was likely I was coping with more than just allergies.

Last night, I did my best to remain positive, however I clearly had a fever, a terrible headache and felt even worse. This morning I went to the doctor once more after not being able to eat breakfast. He said on no uncertain terms...I cannot take the start, otherwise I will risk getting pneumonia. He gave me a prescription for Anti-biotics and now I am just chilling in a hotel room.

To say the least this is a huge bummer - certainly a low point in my season. With that truth in mind I will use this time to recover and bounce back even stronger in a couple weeks time. It is a disappointing reality as my fitness was/is fantastic, but at the same time I could easily ruin my entire season by not being cautious in this circumstance.

Thanks again everyone for the support.

Charles R. Bryer
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