Thursday, March 26, 2009

In 2009, let's put a better spin on the economy.

Via Ciclante was featured in a piece on the economy on the March 25 airing of CBC's The National.


The piece starts at about 15:20.

Between the day that the piece was filmed (mar. 24) and the night it aired (mar. 25) I personally cashed out four bikes, processed countless repairs and even sold a $400 cycling jacket. I agree that many people are scared about the economy, but to a cyclist the local bike shop is still a very important part of their lifestyle and their health.

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JP said...

I agree with you Jay. Via Ciclante is hub for cycling activity. Although I may be apprhensive about the economy, I am confident that riders will hit the streets and trails, to enjoy the best activity in the world, riding their bikes. Have fun.