Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What's in a name?

Via: (vī′ə, vē′ə)
By way of, by the route passing through, on the way to, through the medium of…
By a route passing through, along, or over; by way of; traveling through (a place) en route to a destination: from Rome to London via Paris
By means of; by the medium of via airmail
By way of; through: they can see the artist’s works via a camera hook up.
Etymology: L, abl. sing. of via, a way <> Gr ienai, to go, OE wath, a hunt, chase. Latin, late 18th Century, ablative of via, “way, road”.

Ciclante: (chee-clon-te)
Noun;verb;adjective: The cycling way

Describes the cyclist(s): (ie.) gruppo ciclante– cycling group
-the act of cycling; cycling with passion; cycling that encompasses all the senses and the sense of individual accomplishment. -the cycling route-giro ciclante
–cycling challenge-sfida ciclante.

In Latin - C • before e or i - like ch in chin
• otherwise - like c in cat
Ciclismo(noun) – the sport of cycling
Ciclista(noun) – the rider
Ciclare(verb) – the act of cycling
Giro(noun) Ciclante(adjective) – cycling tour; cycling route

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