Wednesday, February 25, 2009

One Legged Pedaling

Planned duration: 1:00

20minutes warm-up
5 minutes with FAST pedaling – Cadence over 105 !!! SPIN those legs.
Then 3minutes easy, then, do (10) 1 legged pedaling efforts. ONE minute each leg. FOCUS on smoothing out the stroke. NO dead spots, cadence is LOWER… 53:17, 16,15 for these.. SO, 10x on each leg…
Ride for at least 15minutes spinning 90-100rpm.
Next cool down.
O.K. the legs should feel balanced now !


Turt99 said...

Wow, I really need to work on this. I just happen to try it myself last night on my trainer (before I even saw this post)

I was doing it on 39 X 16 or so and I was really hurting to go 60 seconds. (VERY choppy)

After I did each leg a couple times though I felt like I was smoother with both feet.

Would it be better to go for the full time at a lower gear and work up, or go say 30 seconds at a higher gear and push the time as I go?

JP said...

one legged workouts are best done until fatigue, noted by the choppy pedal strokes that you described. I started with 45seconds and have progressed. I would suggest a similar strategy and make sure that you train both legs equally. You may find one side stronger than another and this training will balanced your pedaling.

Don't be concerned with gearing, heart rate or watts. Time is the key measure.

Have fun with this, you will thank me later