Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Change the World

By expanding and integrating useful bike lanes and paths we make it easier, more enjoyable and safer for everyone to ride a bike.

We do this through our influence, persuasion, partnership building, communication, public relations, facilitation and political efforts. Our efforts are powered by our collective membership strength, our stakeholder relationships, and our leadership in bicycle facility planning and design.

I have been thinking about riding through the city of Mississauga and I came across this community group in Victoria, Australia. http://www.bv.com.au/
Their mission: Help get More People Cycling More Often.

Our community needs your voice. Your passion is persuasive and infectious. We are faced with real decisions about how to get around the city by bicycle, the Spring is coming and cyclists need a safe places to ride.

Advocacy may be the first step but how?

Submit your comments and let's discuss the issues and join a bike club it's the second step to find others who share similar ideas. Your voice and options need to be shared.
What ideas do you have about making cycling safer in Mississauga?


BobS said...

I suspect that one of the ways for cycling to become safer is simply for motorists to be used to seeing cyclists on the road and having to take that into account. I was impressed on a visit to Ottawa last spring as to the extent of not only bike lanes but segrated/protected bike lanes throughout the city. I took my bike with me and felt very comfortable in many areas of the city even where there was a high traffic load. The cycling traffic was higher than I have ever seen in Mississauga and I suspect that as it is made safer the volume goes up and it becomes safer.

JP said...

The safest city in the world for cycling is Amsterdam, Netherlands. But that seems like a far off land with much different values of transportation as well as a very well developed infrastructure for public transit. The model that we should look to is Portland, Oregon. This US city has developed a bike culture that is admired everywhere check out Portand bike paths and I think we have much to aspire to. This tells us cyclists that there is hope beyong the love affair with the car. It is true that bike paths and bike corridors will promote safer cycling. We don't always have to be separate for cars but there needs to be better defined rules for both motorists and cyclists.